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Become a Member

The doors of the Church are always open. During any worship service or at anytime during the week, the invitation to Christian Discipleship is extended to all. Just see the pastor, a member of the clergy, a Steward, or contact the church office.

A Member is a person who has been baptized and enters into the covenant of being received into fellowship of the church as provided by The Book of Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. A covenant is a solemn agreement or vow made by church members to defend and support the faith and doctrines of the church. Adults and youth seeking to join the church start in one of three membership groups:

  1. Probationary Membership: If you have a desire to seek and to know Jesus Christ as your Saviour, but you haven’t exercised saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we welcome you as a probationary member. The clergy and the church leadership will meet with you during this important time of prayer, reflection, instruction, and decision. If you have saving faith in Jesus Christ and you’re new to the AME Church, we welcome you! As probationary members, you’ll meet with a member of clergy and a Steward for a brief time of prayer and information exchange. You’ll be enrolled in New Members Class, which consists of sessions of dynamic instruction on Christian discipleship and the AME Church.  Upon completion of New Members Class, with profession of faith in Jesus Christ, and having been Baptized you will be received into Full Membership.
  2. Affiliated Membership: If you’re a member of an AME Church but you’re temporarily living in the area and worshiping at Bethel AME Moorestown, we will gladly receive you as an “Affiliated Member” with all the rights and privileges of a Full Member.  You will remain on the membership roll of your home AME Church.
  3. Transfer of Membership: If you’re a member and bear a certificate of membership in any local AME Church, a letter of transfer from your previous pastor by your request is required. If you are transferring from a Methodist Church, a letter of transfer from your previous pastor is required. If you are transferring from another denomination, a letter of transfer from your previous pastor is required and completion of the AME Church's procedures for admission to full membership (see: Probationary Membership). 

Preparatory Members: Refers to children and youth who have been baptized and are under the care of the church until they have made the decision to join the church themselves. Once the decision is made at an age of understanding, a youth becomes a Probationary Member.

A Word about Baptism:
Baptism is not only a sign of profession and a mark of difference whereby Christians are distinguished from others who are not baptized, but it is also a sign of regeneration or the new birth. The African Methodist Episcopal Church recognizes the water baptism of infants, children, and adults. If you were previously baptized, we believe the grace of God in the sacrament of water Baptism remains in effect. No ordained clergy person in the AME Church will re-baptize an infant, child, or adult. We continue to recognize the Sovereignty of God and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in the Holy sacrament of water Baptism as confirmed by Jesus, the Christ.

God our Father, Christ our Redeemer, The Holy Spirit our Comforter, Humankind our Family

SUNDAYS @ Bethel:

Adult Church School: 9:00am
Worship:10:30am           Children's Church School: During Worship Service

Midweek Bible Study:
Tuesday: 1:00pm
Wednesday: 6:00pm
Bethel African Methodist
Episcopal Church
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